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CSS: Advance Course

CSS: Advance Course

By :Certification in Web Designing

this course will help student to understand advance features of CSS and use them make more effective and attractive web pages. every topic is explained in detail in this course with examples so that students can clearly understand it. Buy thi course and be an expert in Advance CSS.

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In this course,  we will learn about flexbox, shrinking text, Computed tab, Audio Elements, Video Elements, Activities Multimedia, and much more. this course cover all advance topics of CSS. student can go through this course and learn how change the look of a web page and make it more attractive. this course has following contents -

  1.     Introduction:
  2.     CSS Box Model
  3.     CSS Precedence 
  4.     Cloud Images 
  5.     Shrinking Text 
  6.     Computed tab
  7.     Audio Element
  8.     Video Element 
  9.     Activities Multimedia
  10.     Decorative Images and Background 
  11.     Decorative Borders and Shadows 
  12.     Managing Element Size 
  13.     Pseudo classes and Cursor
  14.     History of layout 
  15.     Horizontal and Vertical Centering
  16.     Absolute and Relative Position
  17.     Overflow
  18.     Flex Box
  19.     Justification and Alignment

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