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HTML: Basics and Advance

HTML: Basics and Advance

By :Certification in Web Designing

this course has all important topics which are explained in a structured way with examples. this course explains every topic of HTML in detail with proper definition and examples. go through this course to clearly understand building block of HTML and much more including tags, elements, attributes, colors, backgrounds, images, lists, tables, links, forms, etc. buy this course and become an expert in HTML. there is a great discount on this course now. offer is for limited time.

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HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to design web pages using markup language. HTML is a globally accepted programming language for formatting web pages. this course explains every topic of HTML in detail with proper examples.  course is designed in a structured way .This course covers all important topics of HTML which will help students to create effective web pages. the table of contents is given below -

  1.      The Web:vague but exciting
  2.      Introduction to HTML 
  3.      Hypertext
  4.      The Browser
  5.      Attributes
  7.      Character Encoding 
  8.      Heading
  9.      Paragraph 
  10.      Styles 
  11.      Text Formatting
  12.      Colors 
  13.      Tables 
  14.      Lists 
  15.      Images 
  16.      Link
  17.      Article & Section Element
  18.      Forms   
  19.      Classes 
  20.      HTML-ID 
  21.      HTML- Layout 
  22.      Introduction to Semantic Element 
  23.      New HTML 5 Semantic Element
  24.      Global & non Global Attribute 
  25.      HTML Do’s and Don’ts 

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