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Quantitative Aptitude : Time & Distance Course

Quantitative Aptitude : Time & Distance Course

By :Sure Success Institute

This course has all important notes along with solved questions based on the topic of Time and Distance. after practicing this course, students can get good marks in Quantitative Aptitude section for various competitive Exams.

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Time, Speed & Distance is one of the most important topics in quantitative aptitude section in various SSC and Banking exams. generally there are 4-5 questions asked on this topic in various competitive exams. by preparing for this topic, students can score good marks in Aptitude section for various competitive exams. this course includes quality notes with tips and tricks to help students solve these type of questions in no time.
Relationship Between Speed, Time & Distance

Speed = Distance / Time

We can deduce the following from this formula:-

– When time is constant, distance covered is directly proportional to the speed.
– When distance is the same, speed is inversely proportional to time.

Average Speed
Average Speed = Total Distance Traveled / Total Time Taken
– Remember that average speed is NOT the arithmetic mean of the speeds.
– Also, average speed can never be double or more than double of any of the original speeds.

Relative Speed
When two objects with speed S1 and S2 respectively and they are traveling in:
– Same direction, the relative speed (S’) is the difference of the individual speeds
S’ = S1 – S2
– Opposite direction, the relative speed (S’) is the sum of the individual speeds
S’ = S1 + S2

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