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Aptitude:Simple & Compound Interest Course

Aptitude:Simple & Compound Interest Course

By :Sure Success Institute

this course covers all important formulas with tips and trick which will help students to solve any question based on the topic of simple and compound interest for Quantitative Aptitude section. buy this course and know the tips and tricks to solve these question easily.

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Simple Interest & Compound Interest is one of the most important topics in quantitative aptitude section in various SSC and Banking exams.  there are questions asked based on the topic of Simple Interest & Compound Interest. this course has quality note with solve questions which will help students how to solve these type of question easily.

The interest can be defined as the amount paid by the borrower to the lender in addition to the amount which he had borrowed. In competitive exams, interest is classified into Simple interest (SI) and Compound Interest (CI).

Simple Interest: -

The interest that is calculated uniformly on a sum of money is called simple interest (SI). Principal is the money borrowed or lent out for certain period is called the principal / sum. Interest is the extra money paid for using other money.

Usually, the following denotations are used:-

Principal = P

Rate of Interest = r % per annum (p.a.)

Time = t years

The, formula for Simple Interest is given by:-
Simple Interest (SI) = (P×r×t)) /100  
Also, Amount (A) = SI + P.

Compound Interest: -

Here, interest is paid on both the original principal and on earned interest (unlike SI). In day-to-day life, compounded interest is more common. Thus, amount at the end of the 1st year will become the principal for the 2nd year and so on.
The formula for Compound Interest ( CI ) is given by:-
CI = [P (1+r/100) ^ n] – P

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