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Aptitude: Permutation & Combination Course

Aptitude: Permutation & Combination Course

By :Sure Success Institute

this course covers all important concepts of the topic Permutation and Combination. after practicing this course, students can solve any question based on the topic of Permutation and Combination.

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Combination means selecting things at random (order doesn’t matters) while Permutation means arrangement of objects in particular order. Permutations is a tool to make lists where order matters whereas combinations is used for groups where order doesn’t matters.  Today, I am going to share techniques to solve  permutation and combination questions. This chapter talk about selection and arrangement of things which could be any numbers, persons,letters,alphabets,colors etc.The basic difference between permutation and combination is of order.


Permutation is basically called as a arrangement where order does matters.Here we need to arrange the digits , numbers , alphabets, colors and letters taking some or all at a time.It is represented as nPr .

1. nPr = n! / (n-r)!
2. If from the total set of n numbers p is of one kind and q ,r are others respectively then nPr = n! / p! × q! × r!.
3. nPn = n!


Combination is basically called as a selection where order does not matters.Here we need to arrange the digits , numbers , alphabets, colors and letters taking some or all at a time. It is represented as nCr.

  1.  nCr = n!/ r! × (n-r)!  
  2.  nC0 = 1
  3.  nCn = 1
  4.  nCr =  nCn - r 
  5.  nCa =  nCb => a = b => a+b = n.
  6. nC0 + nC1nC2nC3+ ...............+ nC= 2n

Permutation vs Combination

In both the things main difference is of order .In permutation order matters while in combination it does not.
Basic Difference :
  1. order
  2. arrange or choose 
  3. number of permutation > number of combination

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