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Aptitude : Clock Problems Course

Aptitude : Clock Problems Course

By :Sure Success Institute


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Questions related to clock Problems are asked in Quantitative Aptitude section for various competitive exams. this course has quality notes which will provide you basic concepts and shortcut tricks to solve these type of questions easily. A clock is an instrument used for indicating and maintaining the time. it is an electronic device that represent the duration of an hour , minute and second. Usually, three types of questions are asked from this topic:

Type 1: Finding the time when the angle between the two hands is given.

Type 2: Finding the angle between the 2 hands at a given time.

Type 3: Questions on clocks gaining/losing time.

Some facts about clocks:

Every hour, both the hands coincide once. In 12 hours, they will coincide 11 times. It happens due to only one such incident between 12 and 1'o clock.

The hands are in the same straight line when they are coincident or opposite to each other.

When the two hands are at a right angle, they are 15-minute spaces apart. In one hour, they will form two right angles and in 12 hours there are only 22 right angles. It happens due to right angles formed by the minute and hour hand at 3’o clock and 9'o clock.

When the hands are in opposite directions, they are 30-minute spaces apart.

If both the hour hand and minute hand move at their normal speeds, then both the hands meet after 65 5/11 minutes.

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