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AWS Solution Architect Course

AWS Solution Architect Course

By :Online IT Teaching

There are more than 380,000 cloud computing jobs available around the world, and the need for certified cloud computing professionals is increasing every year..

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AWS Solution Architect


ü Online Course

ü 4 hrs per Week Course – Weekend Classes

ü 6 Week Course


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Ø  You will need to set up an AWS Account (you can use the free tier for this course)

Ø  Your own domain name (optional, but recommended)

Ø  A Windows PC/Laptop


Who this course is for:

Ø  AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary

Ø  Existing Solutions Architects

Ø  Programmers Interested in Deploying Applications on AWS

Ø  People interested in hosting scaleable, fault tolerant applications (such as Wordpress and Joomla) on the AWS cloud.





 The History Of AWS

 AWS - 10,000 Foot Overview

 How To Sign Up To AWS.

Identity Access Management & S3

Ø  IAM 101

Ø  Create A Billing Alarm S3

Ø  Create An S3 Bucket

Ø  S3 Security And Encryption

Ø  S3 Version Control

Ø  S3 Lifecycle Management and Glacier

Ø  Cross Region Replication

Ø  Transfer Acceleration

Ø  CloudFront Overview

Ø  Snowball Overview

Ø  Storage Gateway





Ø  EC2 101

Ø  Let's Get Our Hands Dirty With EC2 - Part

Ø  Security Groups Basics

Ø  EBS 101

Ø  Volumes & Snapshots

Ø  AMI Types (EBS vs Instance Store)

Ø  Encrypted Root Device Volumes &

Ø  CloudWatch 101

Ø  CloudWatch Lab

Ø  The AWS Command Line

Ø  Using IAM Roles With EC2

Ø  Using Boot Strap Scripts

Ø  EC2 Instance Meta Data

Ø  Elastic File System

Ø  EC2 Placement Groups


 Databases On AWS

Ø  Databases 101

Ø  Create An RDS Instance

Ø  RDS Backups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas

Ø  RDS Backups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas -

Ø  DynamoDB

Ø  Redshift

Ø  Aurora

Ø   Elasticache



Ø  DNS 101

Ø  Route53 - Register A Domain Name Lab

Ø  Route53 Routing Policies Available On AWS

Ø  Simple Routing Policy Lab

Ø  . Weighted Routing Policy Lab

Ø  Latency Routing Policy

Ø  Failover Routing Policy

Ø  Geolocation Routing Policy

Ø  Geoproximity Routing Policy (Traffic Flow

Ø  Only)



Ø  Introduction To VPCs

Ø  Build A Custom VPC

Ø  Network Address Translation (NAT)

Ø  Access Control Lists (ACL)

Ø  Custom VPCs and ELBs

Ø  VPC Flow Logs

Ø  Bastions

Ø  Direct Connect

Ø  VPC End Points


HA Architecture

Ø  Load Balancers Theory

Ø  Load Balancers And Health Checks Lab

Ø  Advanced Load Balancer Theory

Ø  Autoscaling Groups Lab

Ø  HA Architecture

Ø  HA Word Press Site

Ø  Setting Up EC2

Ø  Adding Resilience And Autoscaling

Ø  Cleaning Up

Ø  CloudFormation

Ø  Elastic Beanstalk






Ø  Elastic Transcoder

Ø  API Gateway

Ø  Kinesis


About the Instructor

Online IT Teaching

I have 21 years of IT industry experience, now planning to teach the students online. Last 14+ years as Enterprise Architect, e-Commerce Global Practice Head in e-commerce/digital transformation / CMS , Program/Project Manager,Consulting Sales, Pre-sales, Delivery – on Mobile App, Sterling OMS, ATG Commerce, SAP Hybris, IBM WCS , Magento, AEM,IoT across B2C, B2B platforms, Cloud platforms technically managing with multiple tracks with a team of 300+.

Oracle Java, TOGAF Architect, IBM IT Specialist, Web Master , IBM DB2 Certified Professional.

Act as the design authority, creating architecture blueprint and leading the large scale digital transformation projects. Consult, Implement and support multi-million dollar projects with 360 Degree Customer View using Agile,DevOps, Automation, best practices etc

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