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Javascript Course

Javascript Course

By :Certification in Web Designing

This course covers all important topics of Javascript which will help students to clearly understand how to create highly responsive interface that improves the user experience and add functionality to a web page. hurry up, buy this course and be an expert in Javascript. student can get huge discount right now. offer is for limited time.

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In this course, we will learn how to use javascript to add dynamic functionality in html. we will learn how to use conditional statements, loops, how to create alert boxes, hoe to validate html forms. this course explain every topic in detail with examples. the list of contents is given below - 

  1.      Introduction
  2.      Where to insert
  3.      Syntax
  5.      Variables
  6.      Operators
  7.      Functions
  8.      Objects
  9.      Events
  10.      String
  11.      String Methods
  12.      Array
  13.      Array methods 
  14.      Array Sort
  15.      Array Iteration
  16.      Dates
  17.      Date Methods
  18.      Maths
  19.      Boolean
  20.      If…Else Statement 
  21.      Switch statement
  22.      While Loop
  23.      The Do While Loop 
  24.      For Loop
  25.      Break Statement
  26.      Error 
  27.      Dialog Boxes
  28.      Form Validation

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