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Chemistry:Solutions Test for IIT-JEE

Chemistry:Solutions Test for IIT-JEE

By :Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava

this test has 25 high level multiple choice questions For jee main, advance and neet aspirants. this test has different questions based on all the important concepts of Solutions. this test will help students to prepare for IIT-JEE exams. students can practice this test to achieve their aim.

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Solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances.Hello students, A homogeneous mixture means that the material involve dissolved into each-other and appear to be one. Solution has two component,one is solvent and other is solute. the component that dissolved the other component is called solvent. the components that are dissolved in the solvent are called solute. in this test, we have created some expert-level multiple choice questions based on following topics - 

  1. Colligative Property
  2. Roult's Law
  3. Osomotic Pressure
  4. Vapour Pressure

our test will help Class 12th students who will appear in jee main, advance and neet exams by practicing this test for preparations. (chapter solutions) 

About the Instructor

Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava

I am a senior chemistry teacher having more than twenty years of experience and currently working as Head of Department in N.PS sec School, Dwarka. i have limitless passion for teaching and great talent for formulating well-Balanced lesson plans that will adequately prepare students for various challenges in today's world. i can teach student of 11th, 12th,, Jee, Main, Neet, etc. 

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  • Subject: chemistry
  • No. Of Questions.: 25
  • Max Marks: 100
  • Valid till : 31 Dec 2020

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